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Hi. My name is M. Bernard …I was inspired to designed The Smart Cushion because of discomfort and pain over several years while driving long-haul truck routes, 70 hours a week. I went shopping for a portable seat cushion. The light came on for me when I could not find a product that suited me or improved the seating surface.. Pain relief from … Hover Title to View More.

the effects of sitting poorly was what I needed. I visited (18) Chiropractors around No. America seeking pain relief. The solution came one day when I visited another Doctor of Chiropractic. In that office I discovered a chiropractic skeletal chart of ailments. I noticed  ‘my two ailments’  were listed plus 61 others. That’s when the light got brighter. It went ‘ping’ like when you reach your floor. I got inspired, did some research and started designing my own cushion, a real seat cushion pad and back support to address all  ‘eleven’ sitting posture support and discomfort issues.

Soon, I consulted The National Institute of Health for their ‘how many people’ statistics, discovered 16 Million suffered chronic pain, Wow! Then I consulted several medical professionals and our family doctor to ask questions. He showed me two of the oldest books in the medical field: Meloni’s Medical Dictionary and “Gray’s Anatomy”, sound familiar? I referenced them to support some key features dimensions and design elements of The 3D Smart Cushion. The bass player of a band I drove for was my trusty relief driver. He wouldn’t drive without my new prototype. Don’t wanna share your cushion? Get your own, right here in the Checkout. It’s a great gift too. I hope all of you will try it and discover the comfort and support benefits but, only after you consult your Chiropractor or Physician to determine if The Smart Cushion is right for you. If the Dr. says no, ask them to delineate why, and please tell me. Then get a second opinion and a referral to a Holistic Practitioner or ‘Good’ Chiropractor, Most are not quacks any more. I always did aspirin before my chiropractic adjustments visit. The 3D Smart Cushion that supports and trains your posture also helped my chiropractors’ adjustment last longer.  See our disclaimer and testimonial page on this website, K. Thanks, Enjoy. Copyrights Reserved M.Bernard Sheppard 2020