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Top Off Seat Better, Select Size & Feel, Support & Comfort Frequently Ask Questions                                                                                                                                   PRE-ORDER  YOUR  KIT  TODAY

Q: What is the purpose and function of the device?  A:  The Smart Cushion offers multiple use, application and interface scenarios, addressing all sitting health and comfort issues in a way that’s complete and designed to be medically sound. Please understand, the concept is pending FDA Premarket Notification and Approval before we can officially make any claims. It is recommended that you seek the advice of your physician before using to determine if The Smart Cushion is right for you. Review Our Testimonials

Q: Who is the projected user group?  A:  Our target user group(s) are those who sit at work, at home, at recreation or traveling. For persons sick, well or recuperative. Also those who seek a preventative as well as those in their prenatal or postpartum and nursing periods seeking comfort and support. It’s for companies who wish to enhance their core seating product, their capital equipment for crews, employees, passengers and patrons, plus our end users seeking to add our amenities and comfort to their various environments, as well as those ordering from us, seeking a source of revenue using this concept in their business enterprise. Our Production Tooling is Patent Pending.

Q: What current products and approaches are used that currently meet the needs of the user group?  A:  User needs are not being met with one device. Current devices are limited in purpose and application. Our one product does the work of several products combined. Review Our Testimonials

Q: Why is this prototype or concept unique compared to alternative approaches?  
A:  Our unit addresses 11 sitting health and comfort issues versus one or two issues with older competitive product. In certain fields this concept is completely new and groundbreaking relative to application(s) in that six models of twelve can be sold without a covering to be installed after the sale if desired by the D-I-Y enthusiast, Upholstery shops and services, seat and chair manufactures and in one case when necessary by the medical nurse-technician.

Q: Have you performed an assessment of usability or acceptability from a user’s perspective?  
A:  We have distributed a few dozen samples for personal testing, feedback and design validation via a survey of long haul truckers; 86% said, they would recommend others to use it. 67% said, they felt more alert, one of two designed safety factors.
We also have eleven unpaid letters of testimony from users, lay persons and medical professionals. Recently our presentation was receive quite well by specialist in ergonomics and bio-engineering at Georgia Tech., who signed off on our recent survey forms. Be sure to Review Our Testimonials Page

Q: When Flying, Can I bring back supports and seat cushions to make myself more comfortable? A: Yes, Airlines recommends the cushion be brought on board in your carry on, not interfere with Seat Belts in use and carried off. Check with your Carrier. Be sure to Review Our Testimonials Page

Ordering  &  Pre-Ordering           

Option Two and Three: Ordering & Pre-Ordering. Thank You for your interest in The Smart Cushion line of products. To meet demand for all ten Smart Cushion models, emphasis is on executing our manufacturing and fulfillment strategy. The ‘GoFundMe’ Crowd Funding Campaign is preordained to expand production and eliminate all non-commercial pre-ordering. Regretfully, at this moment only three models are available for ordering and fulfillment in 30, 60, 90 days, depending on crowd funding campaign progress and success. With a survey and trial  behind us, our business model is to take orders, pre-orders and crowd funding contributions early-on.  Our ‘more-the-merrier’ mania is to launch, be green, cost efficient, show a profit and conduct a successful campaign with great rewards, to have participants watch our growth, want to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the news creating more growth inducing publicity and pride.

First, we ask that you consider the the donation route, because several fine Perks and Opportunity levels exist that fill a vital personal or specific business need. These may interest you and those with whom you choose to share. Perks are also deliverable (30, 60 and 90 days after crowd funding campaign ends.). This will make complete sense when you understand the versatile core dynamics of The Smart Cushion line. To view what is available for ordering and pre-ordering, go to: Checkout. [To Read More]

Pre-Ordering: In our case by definition, accepting a down payment to reserve a specific and desirable product model. Pre-order status is typically due to resource, component or logistics availability, wholesale purchasing budget, manufacturing deficiency.   According to FTC Regulation, when selling pre-ordered items, we are permitted to accept payments immediately if the customer has been informed that they are purchasing a product that will deliver at a later date, currently that date will be 30, 60 and 90 days after our crowdfunding campaign ends,  sooner if the campaign is successfully enabled. Unlike a layaway type plan, here you the customer considers how much wait you will bare.  If you choose to wait on the production schedule, for your patience, we’re offering a 10% discount off your entire order or pre-order  You’ll be rewarded again when your package arrives, especially if you have to sit a lot and appreciate support and real comfort. All Orders and Pre-Orders, First come First served.

Option One: Placing a Pre-Order, follow these steps: 1st) Review the Product List or Checkout page. 2nd) Select a ‘Pre-Order’ model: Covered Portable Cushion, Child’s Booster Cushion, Aircraft Cushion , Contoured Ventilated Cushion.  3rd) Check Boxes, provide contact information; email, full name as it appears on your payment method. Please Know: We will never share your information. 4th) Go to Select and Pay a down payment of one half (1/2) your total order plus shipping. Your pre-order, payment and contact information, will allow us to schedule production ‘F.C.F.S.’ thru our database and contact you when your order is produced and ready to ship (in approximately 60-90 days after the end of our Crowdfunding Campaign) when balance is due, minus 10% discount off your total order. WIP 

Option Two: Placing an Order, follow these steps: 1st) Review Product List or Checkout page. 2nd) Select the: D-I-Y Portable Covering Kit, Outdoor Cushion, Upholsterers Install/Retrofit Kits 3rd) on Checkout page, Select ‘Add to Cart’. Pay the down payment, one half (1/2) your total order plus shipping to initiate your order, this will let us schedule production ‘F.C.F.S.’ These models with fewer components are fully implemented awaiting a production order to start the fulfillment process.  Demand will determine if a backorder notification is necessary. When produced, ready to ship, balance will be due and order will ship immediately, (approximately in 30 days after the end of our Crowdfunding Campaign.)


Option Three: Making a Contribution. 1st) Review ‘The Perks’ and Opportunities, 2nd) Browse our website, footer videos below and testimonials to make your decision to contribute. Please, Only make contributions Here. Orders, Pre-Orders or Contribution, either way, as with any Business, an expenditure is required in exchange for something useful. As always, we appreciate your support for this great new product.  Thank You. To view Perks go to : Checkout. All Perk Rewards are First come First served.

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Disclaimers   The Smart Cushion does not claim to heal or cure any ailments, diseases or maladies, as we cannot until reviewed and approved by the FDA or Health Canada. It is recommended you seek the advice of your physician before using The Smart Cushion, ask if The Smart Cushion is right for you. We welcome their opinions.   The Smart does not claim ownership over borrowed generic photo images and will remove any borrowed stock image at the request of the copyright holder.  We will gladly give credits if requested.

Be sure to Review Our Testimonials Page