3D Cushion Covering Kit

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Kit supports an easy-to-start, sew & sell home business.

This D-I-Y Kit includes an EZ 1-hour pattern to ‘Sew-Your-Own-Covering’ for this celebrated Seat Pad and Back Support. Have your seamstress or upholsterer do the sewing or do-it-yourself for fun or profit. Make great custom gifts for yourself, all your friends, clients, the booster club and your love ones. Support and Comfort makes a great gift. Go pick-out your fabrics, use an old sports team shirt or an old t-shirt from the thrift store. Decorators, imagine the fun covering The 3D Smart Cushion for a favorite chair (shown above). Promote your business anywhere: Online, Craft and Social Media Websites, at Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Trade, Craft, Quilting and Upholstery Shows. This is an ideal crafts project for home economics, upholstery or the sewing classes.  Million of Seniors and Baby Boomers love the idea, as well as the Millions who sit at work, at home, at play, while spectating or traveling.  Everyone relates to The Smart Cushion’s healthful support, posture training and comfort. Doctors say, It’s great for Prenatal back pain & Postpartum nursing comfort. Support and Comfort’ makes a great gift.

Order The D-I-Y Kit Today  You’ll get an amazing cushion set with 1 hr. pattern. Consider a His ‘n Hers pair. Add the “Outdoor Cushion” to your order. Re-use the pattern or cut-out two at the start. Bring the fun, her team vs. his Lol.