Upholstery Install Kits

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Popular with Baby Boomer and Seniors with their aging backs and tender bottoms.  Upholsterers, these dynamic pre-molded parts reduce time & cut material costs. Easy Retrofit Kits to Increase your revenue by providing, ergonomic retrofit build-ups:  Commercial Installations are often driven by the Patronage of Seniors and Baby Boomers. The 3D Smart Cushion is great for enhancing the seating found on passenger coaches, cruise ships, casinos and sports stadiums. Installs efficiently into cars, trucks, heavy equipment, RV’s, aircraft, boats, around the home and commercial business, like dentist and salons. Use the client or customer’s cover designs for the perfect complement, referral and revenue stream. Optional swivel hardware for reversibility & a durable re-usable pattern is available for your cutting room. Place an Order
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