Outdoor Seat Cushion

Lite Weight  –  No Cover  –   It  Floats  –  Same Support ‘n Comfort




This Outdoor Cushion is sold without fabric covering. A unique, ready-to-use foam seat cushion supplement pad with an integral polymer skin that has a cool ultramodern ‘space age’ look. It’s “Art you sit on.“ The 3D Smart Cushion with flotation properties for use around the pool and boaters. It’s also suitable for sporting events. Without fabric, it’s screen-imprint-able and urethane-paint-able for promotional designs, logos, booster clubs and gifts. This Smart Cushion is perfect for use in the deer stand or on a cruise ship, at your home or the hotel pool or patio as well as the sports arenas, stadiums and events like a tennis match.  Purchase   
Support and Comfort makes a great gift. This model is the least expensive. The most expensive is our model made from a material that allow air to past thru it. Consider preordering one or more when you wish to be surround by your environment while sitting.