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 the 3D Smart Cushion Copyrights reserved 2011 – 2020 M. Bernard Sheppard
Support, Comfort and Prevention make a great service. These Sub-Assembly style Retro-Fit Kits for all upholsterers, allows them to install within or atop most any seat or chair, to effectively repair and enhance or reduce and replace the bolster material with these dynamic parts for healthy support and comfort. Save time and material costs providing easy, pre-molded, ergonomic, retrofit, build-ups. 70 Million people who sit while working, need prevention. 60 million Baby Boomers, 50 million Seniors have aging backs and tender bottoms, also our market. Most understand healthy support, more comfort, head and leg room. People are keeping their cars longer, install the 3D Smart Cushion into the seats of cars, trucks, RVs, boats, aircraft, heavy equipment, military vehicles, commercial business, like dentist and salons, around the home, the porch, pool and patio,   Be the First in Your Area to Place an Order

The 3D Smart Cushions are great to enhance the seating on passenger coaches, cruise ships, casinos, theaters and sports stadiums. Use your customer or client’s cover design preferences for the perfect complement, referral and revenue stream. Optional swivel hardware facilitates four way reversibility. A Durable re-usable pattern is available for the cutting table. Reduce Waste, SAVE Money, Order in Bulk. Address Prevention, Support and Comfort to reduce Fatigue. Support, Comfort and Prevention, make a great service.