“In fourteen years of practice, until now, I have not seen such an affordable device with these functional features.”  ~  Dr. Jim Lingle, MD        View Our Testimonials.

THE 3D SMART CUSHION is the cushion of the future. It’s a versatile 4 way reversible, non-typical portable seating enhancement that mimics your back side and adds health and comfort amenities to anywhere you sit. This versatile device can be used outdoors without it’s covering. Without a cover, it’s also a retrofit or sub-assembly part, which can be installed within or easily-fit atop any seat or chair there-by supporting a new design and awesome seating surface upgrade.

Wherever it’s used, The 3D Smart Cushion design provides eleven features that address: hemorrhoids, sciatica, prostatitis, coccyxdania, mild scoliosis and lumbar support. It cushions the ischials of your buttocks, offering comfort, posture training and support. It is also great for prenatal and post-partum back pain, especially when nursing as your shoulders lay back to improve your breathing. This buffering interface nests with the spine to theoretically minimize shear in a side impact collisions. With all combined features, you realize the benefits while Comfort Happens.


THE 3D SMART CUSHION supports several business opportunities. Millions of end user types, personal, recreational, patrons, staff, fleet and crew, from recreation, spectating, work and office settings to long-distance trucking. Providing support & comfort is a smart entrepreneurial pursuit. Design aspect support manufacturing for many seating types and sitting places.

THE 3D SMART CUSHION offers support and comfort all day, wherever you need or want to sit.  Click Here to see Product List  Review Testimonials, Videos and FAQ’s. 

Great reasons THE 3D SMART CUSHION makes an excellent anytime gift.
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