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“Providing Support & Comfort is a very smart entrepreneurial pursuit because: “THE 3-D SMART CUSHION IS A SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT OVER PORTABLE BACKRESTS AND SEAT CUSHION PADS THE WORLD OVER.” As a commercial driver starting out with a new trucking company,  usually you’re given an older model truck, in my case a smelly old worn out seat cushion too. I temporarily sat on a towel then went shopping. I couldn’t find a portable seat cushion that suited me, so I researched eleven sitting related ailments at the National Institute of Health, after viewing a chiropractic chart. I proactively consulted my family doctor, borrowed his ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ text book to study the body’s relative dimensions before modifying the one flat seat cushion and back support I bought. Next, I designed my own two-piece reversible seat cushion supplement and contoured back support, working on it off and on over several months and testing it while driving tractor-trailer. With your health and comfort in mind, please checkout the entire informational web site, our topical videos and the entire testimonial page.

In high school I wanted to be a comic book artist. My older Sister, a successful fashion Illustrator-commercial artist, home schooled me in graphic art. I didn’t apply this education until retiring from commercial driving after two million miles. Hope you enjoy my art and this website. I like to say, “The 3-D Smart Cushion is art you sit on.  IT’S GENTLE POSTURE TRAINING FOR YOUR BACK SIDE WHILE SITTING. LIKE ARCH SUPPORTS FOR STANDING. THE ORTHOTIC SUPPORT AND COMFORT FIT TECHNOLOGY IS DESIGNED TO ADDRESS A DOZEN SITTING DISCOMFORT ISSUES, NOT JUST ONE OR TWO ANYMORE. It’s a lite weight PORTABLE, however, three models can be easily installed with-in OR 4-ways reversible atop most any seat or chair, for size and feel preference, including those high dollar seats and chairs. Unlike several competitors, the 3-D Smart Cushion interfaces the seat and the body. It will more effectively lower health cost as a preventative as COMFORT HAPPENS. See:  Physicians Testimonials. 

“You’re Only Limited By Your Imagination”

Support  and Comfort  makes a Great Gift. To Get Started Having Fun and Making Money,   Pre-order Now

         “You’re Only Limited By Your Imagination”

Support  and Comfort  makes a Great Service. To Get Started Providing It and Making Money,   Pre-Order Now   

“You’re Only Limited By Your Imagination”

Support  and Comfort  makes a Great Product. Get Started with the Best, Have Fun and Make Money,   Pre-Order Now 

“You’re Only Limited By Your Imagination” 

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We learned in our recent trial study: 50% of the over road truck drivers we surveyed said, “using the Smart Cushion backrest made them feel more alert.” we also learned, 57% of that same group claimed, “using the Smart Cushion seat pad also made them feel more alert.” Great news when you’re the passenger or sharing the road with an oncoming or sleepy driver in your rear-view mirror. They should all experience the great fatigue fighting comfort and support of the 3-D Smart Cushion to be alert.

Use the 3-D Smart Cushion as a spectator, at the game, at the beach, around your home, pool, porch, or patio. Use at work, at play, while hunting, fishing, or traveling. The lite-weight smart-cushion seating surface enhancement for most users*; is an innovative idea, which will also benefits a prospective seller, installer and supplier by providing a competitive advantage, product line expansion and revenue stream for large, small upholsters, commercial entrepreneurs, merchants and investors. The core design supports: 10 sales models in several industries to impact: health costs, jobs, retail, exports and GDP. *Please ask your physician, if the 3-D Smart Cushion is right for you? Or better yet present them one and see if they tell you first or give it back.

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