Sub-Assembly Set #2

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Aircraft seat manufacturers, upgrade your core product with the latest ergonomic seating surface enhancement. Reduce weight and effectively replace bolster material with eleven trial proven Smart  Cushion comfort amenities. Add more head and leg room, increase sales, payload and save fuel. Slash material-production costs because we’ve done the fabricating for you. The Smart Cushion is optionally reversible four ways using attractive swivel hardware to facilitate size and feel comfort options. Crew and passengers interface their seats better, resulting in a more stable human factor, theoretically improving the roll axis dynamics of the aircraft.  Reusable template is available for your cutting table. FAR Reg.sub-assembly sets in multiple dozens, shipped ‘Just-In-Time’ in tall E-Z access Gaylord carton, palletized for production Floor. Order in Bulk, SAVE Money, Reduce Waste, Think Generic, Addressing Prevention, Comfort, and Fatigue.                Read More in Sales Support Contact Form   Contact Sales Support   Order, SAVE and Enhance Your Bottom Line