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Dear Prospective Customer, Thank You for expressing interest in The  Smart Cushion line. To meet demand, we’re implementing a Crowd Funding Campaign for expanding production capacity, material resources and to accelerate fulfillment obligations.  Our goal is to deliver exceptional quality control and customer service. Our mission is to supply any specialty retail outlet, upholstery distribution and service, also to supply aircraft, transport, business, medical, commercial and residential seat and chair manufacturers. We’re offering those sectors the latest ergonomic seating surface enhancement, to upgrade their core product, reduce and effectively replace obsolete bolster material with this timely and versatile seating product. Slash weight, material, production and shipping costs. Save fuel, increase sales, margins and payload as well as head and leg room.  These perfectly adaptable sub-assemblies integrate into or atop your seating product merging eleven celebrated Smart Cushion comfort amenities. Optional swivel hardware will facilitate four way reversibility, redoubling it’s feel and fitting options. It’s Shaped-Like-You are, so Comfort Happens in personal, patron, staff, crew and fleet applications practically everywhere. Equipment and conveyances outfitted will gain space for operators, crew, patrons and passengers, maybe an added row.The design allows occupants to comfortably nest with their seats better. Get that ‘Seat-of-the-Pants’, ‘At-One-With’, ‘Feel-the-Vehicle’ in how it supports and keys with the entire back, theoretically improving the roll axis dynamics of the aircraft and shear factor in vehicle side impact.Order in Bulk, SAVE Money, Reduce Waste, Think Green and Generic, Addressing Prevention, Safety, Comfort and Fatigue. Upgrade your core product to impact your bottom line.A trial proven molding formula, custom pour, integral skin or fabricated sets can be provided. FAR or Cal.117 Reg. sub-assemblies in multiple dozens can be shipped ‘Just-In-Time’ in short or tall E-Z access Gaylord cartons, palletized for your production floor. A durable-reusable pattern template is available for the cutting table. Currently with our company, on the corporate sales level, there are two ways to get involved and experience this product.Option #1, Place a Pre-Order with our sales team. On the form, tell us which product area is of interested to your company. Provide accurate P.O.C information for our DB. All fields are required, your full name, email, Tel. & Ext. Our sales team will respond ASAP on a first come, first serve basis, ahead of commencing a hard launch in 60 – 90 days, sooner if the Crowd Funding Campaign is successful, which will facilitate accomplishing our company goals.Option #2, Contribute to Our ‘Go-Fund-Me’ Crowd Funding Campaign at a level that offers The Smart Cushion and a variety of perks that appeal to end users and several enterprising business levels. So consider, if you Like us, Share and Contribute, it will ramp up production and accelerate fulfillment operations. Thank You2015 M.Bernard Sheppard Copyrights Reserved

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