Pre-Order: Covered Portable Cushion

Thank You for expressing interest in The Smart Cushion line. The ‘Ready-to-Use Covered Portable Cushion’ is designed for Support and Comfort, to take anywhere and use on the way. To meet order and pre-order demands, we’re working to expand our production capacity by implementing a Crowd Funding Campaign. So consider, if you Like Us, Share and Contribute, it will accelerate production and fulfillment obligations.

Before ordering or pre-ordering, you’re invited to browse our website and videos to consider contributing to our ‘GoFundMe’ Campaign.  Reviewing ‘The Perks and Opportunities’, you will find several great incentives for yourself, any end user, entrepreneur or enterprising business to reward a contribution. Please, use the widget badge below to view campaign.  Whether contributing, ordering or pre-ordering, as with any business, expenditure is required, for these practical win, win rewards offered for your pioneering support.

Disclaimer: The Smart Cushion is designed so we can one day claim to provide a preventative but, presently we cannot make that claim, nor claim to heal or cure any ailments, diseases or maladies, we cannot until reviewed, studied and approved by the FDA. With Health Canada the protocol is a bit different. For all our models, it is recommended you seek the advice of your physician before using The Smart Cushion. Ask your Doctor, “If ‘The Smart Cushion’ is right for you.”  We welcome Doctors opinions.

According to FTC Regulation, when selling items as a pre-order, we are not permitted to accept payments immediately unless the customer has been informed that they are purchasing a product that will deliver at a later date. It’s expensive and not practical to warehouse an array of our dynamic product. It would require purchasing and warehousing too many complex materials, components and logistics, prohibitive for our company at this early stage.

The last 10 yrs. when I was driving Semi’s; trucks were rolling warehouses. We picked up orders at factories immediately after production, and then delivered ASAP to distribution centers, large customers or the ‘Just-In-Time’ sub-assembly parts to industry. Pre-Ordering is a great solution for our business model, the answer to providing our customers with the exact models they want, focusing production on what’s popular. We’re applying this strategy to meet demand.

So, if you wish to place the pre-order, one-half down payment plus shipping is required to schedule your model into production, first come first served. When your order is ready to ship, we will email you, requesting the balance due, confirm that, provide tracking and discount 10% off the entire order for waiting patiently. Because production capacity is limited and the crowd funding campaign is in effect, the caveat as described in ‘The Perks’, orders will ship 30, 60 or 90 days after the end of our ‘GoFundMe’ Crowd Funding Campaign, sooner if campaign is fruitful. Our goal is to eliminate all non-commercial pre-ordering and speed up the entire fulfillment process. If all the above is agreeable, just fill out the entire pre-order form, check boxes and provide accurate contact information for our database. Thank You.  Please See Testimonials

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    For Future Reference: This Cal 117 Reg. upholstery material is not designed to be installed permanently into aircraft and can only be used onboard as a portable. So when Flying, the Airline recommends packing it into carry-on, use without interfering with seat-belts and carry-off. FAA also says, Cal 117 Reg. material can only be 'installed' into experimental aircraft seating. The information you provide in this form is true.

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