Ordering & Pre-Ordering

Thank You for your interest in The Smart Cushion line of products. Regretfully, at this moment only three models are available for ordering and delivery. To view them go to: Checkout – ‘Add to Cart’.  To meet demand for all ten Smart Cushion models, emphasis is on executing our manufacturing strategy. Our ‘GoFundMe’ Crowd Funding Campaign is preordained to expand production capacity and eliminate all non-commercial pre-ordering.  First, we ask that you consider the the donation route. The Perks and Opportunities levels may interest you and those with whom you choose to share having a vital or specific need. This will make sense when you see The Smart Cushion product line. Our post survey business model is to take orders or pre-orders as well as contributions. Our ‘more-the-merrier’ mania is to be cost efficient, show a profit, conduct a successful campaign with great rewards, have participants watch us grow, then Like and Share the news.

Pre-Ordering by definition is making a down payment to reserve a product. As with any lay-a-way type plan, you consider how much weight (wait) you can bare. If you choose to wait on our production schedule, you will receive a 10% discount off your order or pre-order plus be delighted when your package arrives.

Option One: Placing a Pre-Order, please follow these steps:1) Review the Product List, ‘Seect a model’, Ex. Cushion, Portable Covered, etc. 2) Provide contact information, email, full name as it appears on your method of payment. Please Know: We will guard and never share your information. 3) Go to Checkout to Select and Pay to complete your pre-order.  Your Contact information  along with payment will hold your order in our data base, enabling us to contact         you when your order is produced and ready to ship in approximately 60-90 days after the end of our Crowd Funding Campaign.

Option Two: Placing an Order, follow these steps: 1) Review Product List or Checkout page and decide. 2) Select the model, Portable DIY Covering Kit,  Outdoor Cushion, Upholsterers Install Kits.  3) Go to Checkout to Select and Pay to complete the order. If in Stock it will be shipped. Demand will determine if a back order notification is necessary.

Option Three: Making a Contribution. Review ‘The Perks’ and Opportunities, browse our website and footer videos below, to make a decision to contribute. Please, only make contributions Here. Either way, as with any Business, expenditure is required. Please know as always, we appreciate your support, Thank You Again.

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